Jumbocruiser Reward Points popular with hirers


In case you were not aware, hirers of our coaches, typically tour or production managers, are reaping the benefits of our rewards loyalty points plan.  Hire a coach from Jumbocruiser and you will earn reward Points to offset against a future hire or to draw down in cash.  There are obviously conditions and catches (i.e. they time out after 2 years, a minimum claim is 200 points,  and no rewards given where the tour has been discounted) but overall a valuable resource for the hirer.

You will receive more information when you log in to our online planner but at the time of writing you will receive 1 point for each 10 miles travelled and 10 points per daily hire.  These can be worth up to £1 a point on future hires or 40p per point as a "cash" reward (either invoiced or in the form of a prepaid credit card).