Covid-19 Risk Assessment


Jumbocruiser Limited, as a business, have conducted risk assessments to cover the risk to health due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Coach operations:

• Appropriately sized vehicles used for expected number of passengers to be travelling. Common sense needs to dictate the maximum number of passengers.  If the travellers are having to work alongside each other anyway and otherwise conform to isolation then we do not need to artificially restrict the number of passengers below 14 or 16.  We do require the client to determine such a safety level though andacept responsibility for that decision,
• Driver cab to saloon doors to remain closed and driver window to be opened if a third party enters the cab.
• Enhanced cleaning of buses with heightened focus on areas passengers may touch.
• All bedding is hot washed prior to use but passengers can bring their own if they prefer.
• Stricter cleaning of air conditioning vents and filters.
• Buses are not used on back to back jobs.  Ionizers are used for 2 hours on each floor after each hire.
• Hand sanitiser is provided if only to save on water.
• We advise individual towels for toilet, washing up, and throwaway cups, cutlery, etc.
• Passengers are required to maintain social distancing and wear face masks where practical.

• Along with the control measures above we are working in line with UK Government advice as far as practical.
The control measures listed above will be updated with any additional control measures identified through the risk assessment process.